NCTI Class Action

If you enrolled in and/or purchased National College of Technical Instruction’s (“NCTI”) Paramedic Program in California as of November 14, 2010, to present, you may be affected by a class action lawsuit that is currently pending.


•          Two students who attended NCTI’s Paramedic Program in San Diego have sued NCTI, along with American Medical Response (“AMR”), Envision Healthcare Corporation, and Envision Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (collectively, the “Defendants”), for various causes of action, including violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law, violation of California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, False Advertising, and Breach of Contract.  The Plaintiffs claim that NCTI failed to timely place students in hospital clinical and field internships in violation of the provisions of Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 4 of the California Code of Regulations; that NCTI misrepresented the length of time it would take students to complete the Paramedic Program; and that NCTI misrepresented that students would receive favorable treatment in obtaining a job with AMR following their completion of the Paramedic Program.

•          The Court certified a Class and a Subclass on May 19, 2016, only for purposes of determining whether the Defendants are liable for the alleged unlawful conduct, but did not certify a class for damages at this time.  The Court has not yet been asked to decide whether Defendants are liable for any alleged unlawful conduct.  Defendants deny any wrongdoing and are strongly defending against the lawsuit.  There is no guarantee as to the ultimate outcome of this case.  There is no money available now, nor is there any guarantee that there will be.  You are included in the Class if you are a person who enrolled in and/or purchased Defendants’ Paramedic Program in California as of November 14, 2010, to present. 

•          You are included in the Subclass if you are a member of the Class and were not placed by Defendants in a hospital clinical internship that began within 30 days after your completion of the didactic and skills instruction portion of the training program and/or were not placed by Defendants in a field internship that began within 90 days after your completion of the hospital clinical education and training portion of the training program.

•          This notice is being sent to you to inform you about your rights and what your choices are.  


Do Nothing
Stay in this lawsuit.  Await the outcome.  Share in benefits, if any become available.  Give up certain rights. 

By doing nothing, you keep the possibility of receiving benefits that may come from a settlement or judgment.  But you give up any rights to sue Defendants on your own about the same legal claims brought on behalf of the Class and Subclass.

Ask To Be Excluded
Opt out of this lawsuit.  Receive no benefits from it.  Keep your rights.

If you ask to be excluded from the Class and/or Subclass and any benefits are later awarded, you will not share in the benefits.  But, you keep any rights to sue Defendants separately about the same legal claims brought on behalf of the Class and Subclass.  To ask to be excluded, you must act by September 17, 2016.  You will, however, have the right to sue the Defendants on your own about the legal claims included in this lawsuit, so long as suit is filed before the relevant statutes of limitation expire.  Or you can abandon your claims altogether.  Before you decide to exclude yourself from the Class, you should consult a lawyer about the specific rights and options that you have, as well as the statutes of limitations and the deadline by which an individual suit must be filed.

Important Dates

Request for Exclusion Deadline:  September 17, 2016
Trial:  January 23, 2017